Publishing House Homepage

A publishing house is a company that largely publishes and distributes literary works under their own brand. I chose which publishing houses to based on their popularity and success, such as Penguin Random House, Hachette Book Group, and Hyperion Books, but I also included publishing houses that are not so well known, such as the Cracked Jar Press and Nephilim Press. The publishing houses are divided up largely based on what works they publish. Generally, a publishing house will focus on publishing only a few or even one certain type of writing. For example, the Nephilim Press specializes on publishing works of the occult and other such geared writing. The homepage for the publishing house website gives the reader a first impression of what they can expect out of that publishing house.

The homepage is the first page that a reader interacts with upon visiting the publishing house’s website. Because of that first impression, the homepage often has some sort of symbol or emblem that designates that publishing house. For example, the Cracked Jar Press has a static symbol of, quite literally, a cracked jar outlined in white that symbolizes the company. These emblems, whether they are images or simply a statement of the name of the publishing house, such as in the upper left hand corner of the Penguin Random House homepage, they all serve a secondary purpose other than signifying what publishing house a reader is interacting with. They also serve as a static link that a reader can click on to return to the homepage of the publishing house regardless of where they are in the website. There are also static links to other sections of the website that are divided into headings and menu links that allow the reader to easily access the information that is provided. These static elements help the reader have control over what information they are seeing and when they choose to see it.

One frequent inclusion on the homepage is a link to the publishing house’s social media accounts. This can include links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. Social media is a tool that many companies and organizations utilize in this modern society so as to expand their audience and establish a means of connectedness and communication with their readers. These links can be found either at the top of the page or the bottom of it, but they all feature a picture that symbolizes that specific social media domain, such as a camera for Instagram and a bird for Twitter. A move to social media interaction and communication works to modernize the publishing house and keep it relevant with the times, as well as because it opens up a convenient and efficient means of communication with the reader that was previously only plausible through email, phone call, personal visit, or letter. This new form of communication, on the other hand, is almost instantaneous. As well as links to the publishing houses’ social media accounts, there is also a place for the reader to submit their email address or otherwise become involved with the publishing house by subscribing to their newsletter. The social media and newsletter links, as well as the contact page that allows the reader to submit a comment or question directly, all serve the communicative purpose of the publishing house to connect and relate to its readers.


Hachette Book Group:

Penguin Random House:

Hyperion Books:

Cracked Jar Press:

Nephilim Press:

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